We will continue to campaign until every chain is broken and every cage is empty

Veganism as a social justice movement

Veganism is a social justice movement that seeks to liberate animals from the enormous suffering they go through at the hands of humans. It's NOT about our health, dietary habits or trending lifestyle habits. IT'S. ABOUT. THE. ANIMALS.


Technology. Storytelling. Action./p>

We organize campaigns that challenge society's perceptions of animals. Nonhuman animals are individuals who want to live free from suffering. We will campaign until every chain is broken and every cage is empty.


Through offline and online projects, we aim to achieve our short and long term goals

The Liberation Now Show is a radio show which promotes animal rights, social justice and environmentalism. It airs four times a week in Bangalore. Animals of Bangalore is a Facebook campaign that seeks to showcase how animals are individuals with unique interests, desires, traits, personalities and stories.

Abhay Rangan

Abhay is the Founder and Director of SARV. Read more about him on www.abhayrangan.com