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The Liberation Now Show

The Liberation Now Show is a radio show dedicated to animal rights, social justice and environmentalism..

On air 7:30-8:00 PM every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on Radioactive Cr 90.4 MHz in Bangalore

All the episodes we air will be uploaded online, and we're working on their transcripts, too! .

The episodes can be found at www.sarvglobal.org/liberationnow

India Activates

From Jan 2017 to Dec 31st, 2017, we want to organize 365 campaigns in India using the SARV model

India's animal rights movement needs leaders who organize campaigns consistently. Creating more dialogue about animal rights is the aim these campaign seek to achieve.

How we do itl.

We identify populated public areas. We go there with a group of people. We all hold banners that speak against animal abuse. When people approach us to know more, we talk to them, show them videos, hand them leaflets, and collect their contact details. After the campaign, we call them and follow up with them. Often, we use props to convey our message more effectively

Animals of Bangalore

Similar to Humans of New York

Animals of Bangalore is a Facebook campaign that seeks to showcase how animals are individuals with unique interests, desires, traits, personalities and stories.

Society views animals as ingredients, fashion, entertainment, and experimental objects.

They're not any of those. Animals are individuals who are equal to us in their capacity to suffer and in their desire to live