The story of a 15 year old animal rescuer

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October 25, 2015
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-by Ayu Lodha

Compassion –this word describes my story perfectly. I’m a 15 year old teen rescuer. I rescue animals- cows, buffalos, kites, dogs, snakes, all of them. I love animals- they are amazing beings. Many people ask me as to what I gain by rescuing nonhuman animals in distress. They tell me I’m just wasting my time and money.

I find happiness when I rescue someone in distress. I am immensely pleased when they get better. It takes lots of effort, care, and patience.

Rescuing animals has helped me gain so many precious friends who value compassion more than anything else. They value sentient lives and care about emotions of others. My two favorite people are Badari Prasad Sir and Rakesh Jiju. They are like my family. Badari sir is like my father; he and Rakesh taught me that loving animals wasn’t enough- we mustn’t use them, too.  Badari sir inspired me to go vegan. Many times people judge me because of my age. They say “you’re just 15. What can you do?”

I was once discouraged to such an extent that considered never helping animals again, but all my animal-lover friends encouraged and defended me. I learnt that people would judge me no matter what, so I just kept doing the things I loved and worked as hard as I could to save nonhuman animals. I fostered many, too.

It makes my day when people inbox me saying I inspire them. I resolved to work harder and inspire others to save animals in distress. None of this would have been possible without my mother’s support, guidance, and encouragement.

If I, a 15 year old, can do it, anybody can.