Our focus areas

We dedicate our energy, time and money to the following-

Alliances- We aim to achieve our goals faster via synergistic partnerships

Campaigns- we organize leafleting campaigns, protests, marches, lectures, demonstrations, documentary screenings, and more

Fundraising- we raise funds through special events. Do consider donating to us

Community-We focus on building local communities of vegans and animal rights activists.

Online- We aim to build comprehensive databases of information that will be useful for vegans and activists.


Our blog contains databases of vegan products and activism tools, activism tips, resources, ideas, lectures, and more


The SARV model

Standing up against animal abuse is the need of the hour. Here's how we do it

We identify populated public areas. We go there with a group of people. We all hold banners that speak against animal abuse. When people approach us to know more, we talk to them, show them videos, hand them leaflets, and collect their contact details. After the campaign, we call them and follow up with them. Often, we use props to convey our message more effectively